Road to LA – 2nd time around.

Coming off the “high” of the marathon is pretty overwhelming. Not just any marathon, but Chicago Marathon 2013 with a finish time of 4:32:24 I was on top of the world with a great year of running in 2013. I had my best marathon time as well as my best half marathon time earlier in the year with a 2:06:20 (first time running no walk breaks).

Run for Water                            Chicago Garmin Time

RUN FOR WATER 2013                                                                   CHICAGO 2013

I had signed up for LA Marathon 2014 just weeks after coming home from Chicago. I had really big dreams of getting a 4:15:00 or better in LA. But those dreams were all smashed in December when I slipped and injured my knees on the escalator in my work building.

photo 2   photo 1

With the pain in my knees from the accident, I wasn’t able to make those dreams come true. But I did have a fantastic girls weekend away with some pretty amazing friends.

photo 1

Nikki and I just after going for a little fun over on the playground.

photo 2

Nothing says “fun” like a playground with a “slide”

LA Medals

BIG 5KM: 36:58     LA Marathon: 5:57:58

Fast forward to October 2014… I am not working anymore as I decided to stay home with my son, to make it easier for my husband with his work schedule. And now I can also give the much needed attention to seeing a physiotherapist and a sports doctor and get my knees healed so I can run further then 12km without pain.

With my knees still hurting from the accident 10 months ago, I finally had enough and I decided to take a stand and go and see a new Physiotherapist and a sports doctor. I expressed my situation to my new physiotherapist and my need to run another marathon in 2015 as I feel that I had that taken away from me on the day I slipped and injured my knees. I asked is it possible with what had happen to my knees, and if I would be able to run another marathon in 2015. I was told yes that it would be possible.

So with having been told that I would be able to run another marathon in 2015 and that I could start training now as the mileage was still low. My first thought was to get that chance to run LA and run it with all my heart and soul. I was so excited that I was given the green light to run and train again for my real 4th marathon. And what better place then to go back to LA and get that do over race and truly earn that medal.

I found a marathon training plan online for a 19 week guide, I marked from 19 weeks backwards to a start date beginning the week of November 9, 2014 and started my training for the 30th anniversary of the LA Marathon 2015. The first week of training for the LSD (long slow distance) starts me out at 10km, followed a few more runs during the week. As I haven’t really been one to follow the rules to running and with my knees still a little sore, I felt that I should not run so many days as the schedule suggests that I run.

I have convinced a friend to train and run LA with me, she has agreed to and is excited for the training. Together we can make a sub 4:30, we run well together on our training runs. We support each other and together we will be “awesome” together we challenge each other and bring out each other’s strengths to the training and the race.

So far over the past 2 weeks the training has been good and we are nailing our time goals, despite the pain I still have in my knees I am confident that I will make my dream race in 2015 in LA.

LA 30

Come back as I will update with my weeks 1-3 training on my “Road to LA – the 2nd time”


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