RNR Seattle 2015

Rock n Roll Seattle Expo:

photo 2 (1)

 photo 1 (4) Photos from 2014 RNR Seattle

The expo is one part of the race weekend I always love at any of the Rock n Roll races, especially in the states as more vendors attend the expo in the states compared to Canada.

Package pickup was a breeze and as always it was very well-organized. A runner is able to walk in and either look up their bib number on the computers provided and then fill out the blank waiver forms. Once completed you then go ahead to the corresponding number and present your waiver form and a piece of photo ID to pick up your race bib. Then you head over to the next section to pick up your t-shirt and swag/gear check bag (which are reusable for different things when you get home).

Next you walk into the main expo, the first choice is Brooks (major sponsor) where you will find the RNR series running clothing with the race name with year on it. Here you will also find Brooks runners, race jackets, sun visors, shirts and other things that will have the race series information on it. I always love purchasing something in this main booth section because it reminds me of running the race.

After the Brooks section, you now head where the rest of the vendors are, here is where you can pick up items at a discount price, GU energy, nuun products, body glide, socks, runners clothing, sparkly headbands, sparkly skirts, the list is pretty much endless as there is pretty much everything here and like I had mention above, most items have percentage off. Also here you will be able to sign up for other Rock n Roll races across the country or the world and as Rock n Roll races are not just in the United States anymore. You can find a rock n roll race in Canada, Mexico and Spain. Lots of travelling options for you and a friend or two.


The Half Marathon Course:

This is my 2nd year running this course and I really enjoy it, I am not sure what draws me back year after year, but I know running along Lake Washington is pretty emotionally, along here you will find pictures of soldiers who have lost their lives too soon fighting in the war over seas. The section has the American flags lined up along the path with family member and friends cheering and supporting the runners as they pass by. I remember the first few years, I cried when I ran past all the pictures of the young women and men who put sacrificed their lives so we could live in a better world, fighting for justice.

There is two tunnels during the course that you need to run through, not my favorite part of the course, but there isn’t anything that can be done, this year the music wasn’t blasting in the tunnels and the air seemed to be cleaner this year, last year it was hard to breath due to the exhaust fumes (which I am not sure how fumes where in the tunnel as the tunnel is closed to traffic).

Next great piece of scenery is coming down the highway back towards Seattle and you have an amazing view of both of the stadiums, they truly are bigger than life. A little further on, you come across the ferries wheel, once you get to this section, you know that you are getting closer to the finish line.

photo (4)photo (7)

Finally one last hill and then you only have a quick few minutes of running and you are done, don’t forget to smile for the finish line photos.


Race food:


The food was good, you are able to get water, Gatorade, chocolate milk, banana’s, bagels and yoghurt and I think potato chips right away, it is very well-organized as you walk along to meet up with family and friends in the family zone. The one thing that they need to give is bags for us to carry our recovery food in. Especially as then next section is where you can get your finisher photos with your medal, oh and by the way the “bling” is pretty amazing at all the RNR races, they are pretty darn cool as well as heavy.

photo (9)

VIP Tent:

This year I purchased the VIP experience and it was a “VIP Experience” for sure. In the price that we paid it came with the following:

1. Reserved Parking, we didn’t use as we took the monorail from our hotel.

2. Continental Breakfast, which was perfect especially as we were staying at a hotel, it was one last thing to think about in the morning of the race, we went in and we were able to enjoy, coffee, juice, water, Gatorade, banana’s, Greek Yoghurt and berries, other fruit and if you were brave enough and didn’t care too much a mimosa (I waited till after the race to enjoy a few of these yummy drinks)!!

3. Catered Buffet, which was filled with lots of very yummy foods, breakfast burritos, French toast on sticks, with syrup on the side for dipping. A few rice side dishes and a potato and veggie side dish also. There were other very yummy foods available also. Oh yes, I forgot about the mac n cheese that was being served (yum)!!

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (1)

4. Post-race massage, was available after the race if you wanted.

5. Yoga stretching, which included an area with mats so you could stretch after the race.

6. Private restrooms, these were portable restrooms and they truly could have used a few more.

7. Private gear check, which was awesome as you just handed your bag to the lovely ladies behind the table and really didn’t have to worry about anything as in a time frame when the gear check was going to close, it was very relaxed and they had extra safety pins for you if you either forgot them or decided at the last-minute to pin your race bib to your shirt as it wasn’t sitting well on your fuel belt bib holder.

8. VIP Bar, yes there was a bar for guest to take part in enjoying a mimosa or two and of course beer. All of it was very refreshing after the race while enjoying are lovely brunch.

9. View overlooking the concert venue, yes having a nice table to sit at and enjoy a refreshing beverage while watching the headliners play was pretty cool.

photo (8)    Three Canadian Girls having fun!

I have already signed up for 2016 Rock n Roll Seattle, and I can’t wait to run the course again, I am aiming for personal best on this course in 2016 how about you?

photo 4


  • I LOVE the R’n’R Seattle course. I always get so emotional running the Blue Mile where Run to Remember sets up along Lake Washington. It looks like the weather was beautiful this year! Glad you had a good race, I’m bummed I missed out!

    • Hi Sam, the Blue Mile is very emotional indeed. Sorry that you missed the race this year, will you be running next year 2016? And yes the weather was perfect this year, we were very lucky as it wasn’t too hot. I remember a few years ago that it was raining and cold, I was only running the half, but I had a few friends that were running the full marathon and they were really cold when it was over. It is a shame as RNR after parties are so much fun, and when it is raining you just want to get back to your hotel room and into a hot shower and into dry clothing with your legs up. I hope I get the chance to meet you next year. Have an awesome day!!

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