Who I am and why I am here

It has taken me 23 months to get this first post activated. I have so much to talk about, I just have no idea on where to start. (January 29, 2012 original post)

Fast forward to today July 6, 2015.

I still have so much to talk about and just in the last week or so I have decided to really give this blogging a real honest effort, and by real honest effort I mean that I will be posting at least once a week, then moving up to three times a week.

To help me succeed in my goals in blogging I found this amazing opportunity to take part in “Blogging 101” with word press and our first assignment is to write about me with the title of “Who I am and why I am here”. Which when you read the title, it truly opens up the start to deep thoughts and writing about me and why I am here.

Looking back at my last few years, I have run 3 full marathons and I have run/walked 2 full marathons due to an injured knee, both full marathon were the LA Marathon 2014 & 2015. I have run over 20 half marathons, with a handful of 10km and 5km races since I started running in 2008. I have also completed in a duathlon which I loved and I wish there were more around the area where I live.

I truly love running and all that it brings to me, in health and happiness in my life. I never ever think twice about entering a race, you could say that I have an overpowering urge to sign up and register for a race no matter what, the sky is the limit to how many races I will do in a year. I love destination races, I have travelled to Chicago, California, Las Vegas, Seattle and Portland over the years. I have made family vacation with a few of the California races as it feels nice to have my family supporting me in something that I love so much.

My greatest running goal is coming up in the year 2016, this has been a dream goal for a few years and no matter what I will do it, I may have to do it twice to accommodate my friends whom I have shared this running goal with also, but regardless I will run/walk/crawl 50 km’s no matter what. In the year 2016, two really special friends and I will turn 50 so one day I said wouldn’t it be fun for us to run a 50km race in the year we turn 50. So over the last few years running a 50 km race has always been a part of my racing goals. Guess what 2016 is coming up really fast and I have offered a few suggestions, looking for that amazing place to run a 50 km race. As 50 km road races are not that popular around or near where we live, I have looked at a destination race. A few places have come to mind, Las Vegas is fun choice as we can have a blast celebrating after we ran 50km in style in Vegas. When I mention I may run two 50km distances in the 2016 is because I found a city with a 50km race where the temperature will be perfect, and training for this distance will be over the summer months and early fall which is far better to train for then over our winter months for a race in February, also we don’t want to be running 50 km in the summer months where the temperatures will be extremely high. So when factoring in everything and what is affordable for each of us, the search is on to find that perfect 50km that will work for the three of us. I have it set in my heart and mind that no matter what I will be running in the Chicago 50/50 in October 2016 http://www.chicagoultra.org/ as Chicago is a city I love to visit and I want to bring my family with me so they can support and cheer for me and we can also see a Chicago Blackhawk game while in town and if baseball is still on we can visit the stadium and see a baseball game.

photo (10)

This is my journey to an Ultra Marathon or two in 2016… Let the journey begin now!


  • I’m glad I found your blog. I’m working on my running. 🙂

    • That is so exciting! Where about’s are you with your running? Thank you for following, if you have any question please feel free to ask and if I don’t have the answer I am sure I can ask any of my running friends in the community.

      • Well, i dont normally run. I do a lot of strength, yoga, incline walk, and stairs. However, im naturallly a distance runner, but I’m slow. I’m working on my speed. Speed has always been hard for me.

  • Hi! There aren’t a lot of 50k road races around here (Vancouver) but there are some trail races! I know a few people who have done the Baker Lake 50k for their first ultra (bakerlake50k.com). Rainshadow Running has some awesome trail races in the states along the coast as well (rainshadowrunning.com)!

    • Thanks Brie for the suggestions, I have never heard of the Rain shadow running, I will have to google them and check out what they have to offer. I wish I was confident enough in my body’s mind and strength to allow me to run 50 km in the trails, and if it would let me run that distance I would in a heart beat pick Baker Lake 50km as my first choice. The funny thing is a few months ago I was tossing around the idea and then reality sunk in and I know for a fact that I would not be ready in 15 months to run that distance in the trails, I can barely run 30 minutes in the trails, baby steps. Maybe I could set that up as a goal race for when I turn 55.

  • Thanks for the follow, Jacki! Your running adventures are way more intense than my humble outings. I can only hope to be able to do 50k in my 50th year. Inspiring stuff.

  • Good luck with the 50k. I’m a hiker, backpacker, professional street walker. Im a recovering meniscus person. So I appreciate how much you have to do to train.

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