Identify Your Audience

My target audience…

Is my blogging 101 course task that we are doing, who is my target audience? That really is a great question, one that I never thought about when I started or shall I say attempted to start this blog. I truly wonder how many people actually knew who their target audience was going to be when they first got the idea of starting up a blog.

Over the last few days I have thought about who my audience is, and I may not know who they are now as my blog is really new, but I can hope and dream that my audience is someone just like me who has the same passion in running, and still able to balance raising a family while chasing their running dreams and goals.

My audience is those people around me whom I can share my dreams and goals with, people who understand or may not understand what running has given me in the sense of a peace of mind. A mind of clear thoughts, a body that is healthy and free of stress, an open heart that leads my body and soul each day.

And lastly my audience would be those I can inspire with my experience as a runner, take each step for what it is and continue to put one foot in front of the other and you may just surprise yourself and run a distance that you never thought was possible in your wildest dreams.

I would like to share a quote from a very good friend whom has inspired me to go beyond my dreams, his quote has so many meanings within each and every one of the 7 words. I am sure if you ask anyone to explain what this means to them every answer would be different.

Never limit where running can take you” Bart Yasso

Thank you my audience for letting me share my world of thoughts during this journey in life towards my dreams and goals.




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