Hiring a running coach!

Hiring a running coach!

I have hired a running coach to help me reach my running dreams and goals over the next 14 months.

After going back and forth with the idea I finally came to the conclusion that it was in my best interest to hire a professional to help me reach my dream goals and seeing I have a few of them, what better way to reach them successfully then to hire a coach.

On Instagram I have followed a friend on her journey to qualify for the very prestige Boston Marathon. I have enjoyed seeing each of her running pictures with the views that could easily be found in a magazine, my friend lives and runs in and around Vancouver area. The beauty of the water in the bay with the North Shore Mountains in the background are the perfect setting for any run, either in the sun or the rain or when it is cold and frosty out it doesn’t get any better than that.

All it takes is for you to put on your running shoes and head out the door and get lost within your run with views of the city and the different scenery that comes with each step that is taken. All cities have these special routes that are dear to each and every one of us. Even though that route and those views may be different, the beauty is within the eye of the runner, and it can always be found when out on a run in what ever city you may be running in. Go out and be that running tourist in your own town, head out for a run and take a few moments to take it all in while your put one foot down and then the other foot, what you see is never the same with each step that you take or with each day that you run.

What we see while out running changes with the seasons, add a little rain into your scenery and look at the vibrant greens that come to life around you, embrace your run and feel alive out there.

My friend Devon hired a running coach to help her reach her dreams in qualifying for the Boston Marathon and she also had an amazing set of running friends that she runs with, which truly makes the world of difference to help one with that extra motivation to get out the door at 6am on a weekend or a weekday.

Devon was able to reach many goals that she set up for herself over the past year including 3:32:05 marathon finish. Way to go Devon, you nailed the marathon race with a PR and a 13 minute PB on top of it all. Plus you have inspired me not to be afraid of my dreams and to chase them head on and just to go for it. So I thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to me and helping me in chasing my dream goals.

So I have enlisted in the coaching of Dylan Wykes at Miles 2 Marathon https://mile2marathon.wordpress.com/

The journey has begun and the training has started, now I was somewhat near the end of my training for the Sea Wheeze half marathon for August 15, 2015 and I say somewhat because I wasn’t really following a plan with my feet hitting the pavement on a consistent basis weekly, I know that I can run a half marathon with little to no training and still finish within 50% of the participates of the race and I was pretty happy with that. But seeing that I have a bigger distance that I will be running next year I figured that I needed to have a proper training plan that had me running more than once a week, sometimes I may have jumped on the treadmill for a quick 20 minute run.

I checked out the internet and asked friends who were training for a 50km distance which plan they were following just so I could get a little plan put together to help me run a distance of 50km with training that was going to keep me injury free. As I couldn’t find a plan that got me excited as I would be running and training this distance on my own that is when I decided it may be a good idea to speak with Dylan and see if he would be interested in helping me reach my dream goals over the next 14 months.


So Dylan has set me up with 3 runs a week training plan leading up to Sea Wheeze half marathon with a finish time of 2:15 that I will be aiming for, which is very doable and I am excited to run this distance and speed as a training run to see what I can actually do. I have decided to run the distance with no walk breaks, just run the race with an even pace and if I can it would be nice to try to run with a negative split during the race. I have so far ran 4 of the posted training runs, I have run one long slow distance (20 km) with a negative split and 3 easy (45 minute) 6km distances. So far so good I am running the distances and I am trying my best to hit the pace/time targets on the easy runs and I am pretty happy with the outcome as I am within the target range, I tend to be a tad on the faster side but I am working on it and enjoying the easy pace (it truly isn’t that hard to run a 7:30/km pace).

    IMG_9225    FullSizeRender IMG_9249

One thing I really like about having a running coach is that it leaves the guesswork out of it for me, I don’t have to figure out what runs I need to be running or what paces I need to be hitting, it is that million dollar question “am I running too fast (probably yes) or am I running too slow (probably not)”, and what the heck is a fartlek anyways?

And lastly, I hired Dylan to help me to be more accountable in my running. I know that life gets in the way, we are all busy with family and work and trying to squeeze it all in. Sometimes it is pretty easy just to pass on a run if you have no one to run with and no one really cares if you miss a run, it only hurts yourself in the long run (literally). At least with having to check in after each run by uploading my Garmin stats to training peaks program it gives that extra push out the door to get the run in. Those goals are going to be easy and I am going to have to work for them. I can’t wait to nail the first goal that I have, and if it takes me a few tries it then takes me a few tries. I won’t give up and in 15 months I can say that I ran a 50 km race, successfully with a great strong finish.

What are your thoughts on a running coach? Have you ever hired someone to help you with your running, either enlisted in a friend help you with your training plans or actually hired a professional? What keeps you motivated?

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