Hemp Bar Review

Manitoba Harvest Hemp bar Review:

Today’s review is on the new product Hemp Bars from Manitoba Harvest. I feel very lucky to have been chosen to test out the bars and offer my feedback/review on the bars.

I became aware of the bars late in 2015 when I entered an online contest that was being held on the Manitoba Harvest Facebook and Twitter pages and the winner was sent a box that had the 3 flavours of the bars plus a pair of shoe laces and a pedometer. So when the opportunity came up to taste the bars and offer a review I entered and I was selected. A really big thank you to Fit Fluential / Fit Approach and of course to Manitoba Harvest for providing me a few free samples to enjoy and talk about.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Bars come in three flavours, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate and Vanilla. It was such a hard choice to pick from these three flavours so I thought I would in my opinion leave the best for last which would be chocolate as I am a crazy person when it comes to chocolate and everything associated with chocolate. So I picked the Apple Cinnamon flavour first and my first taste I was simply blown away by the taste of apple and cinnamon, I swore that I tasted real apple in each bite. I was pleased to find out from Manitoba Harvest that the taste of apples that I was tasting was indeed real apple chunk in each bar (WOW)!!


I then tried the Vanilla Hemp Bar at my son’s field lacrosse game and I was also very pleased with the taste and the flavour of the Vanilla flavour. It is hard to describe how vanilla tastes but it was not over powerful in flavour, it had all the right flavours of hemp and vanilla to make it a very tasty bar.


Lastly it was time to taste the chocolate and for me being such a crazy chocolate fan, I couldn’t wait to try this bar. My 10-year-old son was right by my side when I opened the bar to try it, it was actually him who said can we try the chocolate bar now. So we tried it together, my first thought was it is tasty but not over powering with chocolate to my liking. My son on the other hand loved the taste and he eat the entire bar. I pack them daily in his lunch and I know that he is getting a healthy dosage of protein and omega plus tons of other important nutrients that are missing in his diet.

I was very surprised with my favourite’s flavours of the hemp protein bars, but not disappointed in any of the flavours. My first choice was the Apple & Cinnamon and then the Vanilla bar came in 2nd with my last choice being the Chocolate flavour. Which makes me really happy as there will be no fighting over the last bar of any of the flavours with my son as we both have pretty strong feelings towards what we like and neither he nor I like to share the last of anything!!

If you haven’t checked out Manitoba Harvest and all the amazing products they have to offer in a store near you, please take this time to head over to their website and check them out and all of their products that range from protein bars, and protein powders and hemp heart seeds. Each 45 gram bar has 10 grams omega.

Would you like to win a free box of Hemp Bars? Check out their website for full contest details of their photo contest which Manitoba Harvest is having on social media. So look them up on either Instagram or twitter. Also don’t forget to follow and tag @manitobaharvest and @fitapproach with the following hashtags of #fuelledbyhemphears #sweatpink #hempheartbars for a chance to win a box of your favourite flavour of Hemp Heart Bars!! The contest is open till March 31, 2016 and available is a 15% discount if you order the bars directly from the Manitoba Harvest website http://manitobaharvest.com/

FullSizeRender (3)

Good luck! Please note – The monthly draw is open to anyone submitting photos that is over the age of 18, residing in either Canada or the United States and that does not work for Manitoba Harvest (now or before). No purchase necessary

Discount code hhbarlaunch1015

My last thoughts are that I totally love this amazing product and it is such a big part of my family’s life, I hope that it is a big part of your life also.

Disclosure: I was given two hemp heart bars in exchange for writing a review, the opinions are my own.


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