Injinji Socks

So many blisters on my toes… So many over the years… too many to count… Ouch!!

(Picture not insert-on purpose)

Lots of things can add up to what causes blisters. The definition of a blister is as follows: a small bubble on the skin filled with fluid which has been caused by friction, burning, or other damage. Sounds pretty darn painful that is for sure!

My personal experience with blisters occur more often than not during half marathons and marathons.

Bottom line blisters are nasty and they hurt!! They can ultimately affect how a runner is able to continue running during a race, at least for me when the friction starts happening on or around my toes there isn’t a lot that I can do and on more times than once I have had to stop running and walk to keep the pressure from the area that had the blister. There is always the option that I could stop and put on a blister pad to offer some comfort. But that topic is a whole other blog post (just saying), this post is about what I have done to prevent them from happening now.

A few years ago, after one of my races one of my friends suggested the toe socks or to be more specific Injinji Socks.  I went to my local running store and asked about the socks, but unfortunately the store didn’t carry the socks. I didn’t pursue trying to find the socks either online or at another running store, and with that I continued to get blisters while running.


It is what it seems to be… or is it? (Fast forward). Enough is enough!! Time to find where to buy the Injinji Socks. I went online and in my search I found that I could buy them at a local store MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op)

or here is the direct link to Injinji Socks

Now that I found the socks, the choice’s available are very colourful and once you get to know me better you will see that I really like my bright colours and I like to layer my running clothing as well as co-ordinate the colours basically from head to toes, socks and runners are included in this colour master piece of mine, ask any of my running friends and they will admit that Jacki likes bright colours!


Thinking process is now happening online:

  •  Cute colours
  •  Any sales
  •  What size do I need to buy, refer to sizing chart available
  •  Lastly, pick more than 1 pair of socks
  •  Price is very affordable


Pretty much the main thing I look for is bright colours and how many I should buy, for these socks I decided to buy 4 pairs.


Trying on the toe socks for the first time can be a tad challenging when you are rushing out the door in the morning. I am not sure about others who have tried the socks but with me my last two toes want to be in the same toe spot. Good times adjusting each toe to fit perfectly in each spot.

For the first few seconds, it feels a little different, but once I put my runners on and I am out the door running I don’t even notice that I am wearing socks. I can relate to the saying “fits like a glove” well in the case of the Injinji Socks it would be more fitting and best described as “it fits like a sock”!

As far as running in the socks, I have only ran in them only a few times but no distance over 10km so far. Mostly my distances and runs with the socks have been on the trails with the weather being typical late winter heading into Spring West Coast weather of rain. My trail runners have gotten wet as we go through streams, and the odd puddle on the pathway. Wearing the Injinji socks I hardly notice that my feet are wet, until I take my runners off and I am walking in the house is when I notice that my socks are wet, still not feeling a bit uncomfortable.

So far here are just a few things but not limited to future findings while running further distances and different weather temperatures where blisters in the past have occurred:

  • So far the socks are not slipping between my toes and causing blisters
  • The socks are lightweight
  •  They socks are extremely soft
  • Price is very affordable


As I continue to train for my next half marathon my distances will increase over the next few months, the temperatures will be getting warmer so I will be able to put the next test to these socks and see if any more blisters occur on my feet. 

Have you experience blisters on a regular occurrence while running?  What have you done to end the problem? Have you tried these socks?

What are your favourite tips to prevent blisters on your feet? 

Disclaimer: All opinions are of my own, I am not being paid for this review from Injinji socks.  I am just providing my own personal experience and my thoughts in helping me find a solution to slowing down the onset of blisters while running longer distances. And to offer a suggestion for anyone who may be having the same issues with blister and haven’t found that perfect solution.

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