RNR Seattle 2016 Race Recap

Reflecting on the Rock n Roll Seattle Half marathon past, present and future (but of course)!! As I sit down at my computer today on a cloudy day with some rain I smile as it was just a few days ago that I ran another half marathon, to be exact it was my 29th half marathon since I started to run back in 2008 with a learn to run clinic with my local running room. For some reason I thought I had run over 30 half marathons so far it seems my counting was off. Regardless running 29 half marathons over the last 8 years is pretty crazy now looking back at where these 29 races have taken me.

Friday June 17, 2016 four girls drove down to Seattle for our quick girls weekend run-away vacation, this is our 3rd in a row that 3 out of the 4 have been together for this trip and this year we were very lucky to add a fourth girl to our weekend. A trip down to the states isn’t a trip unless you stop at the Lululemon outlet store in Burlington Washington. I was able to snag up a few more cute items from lulu including a nice jacket.

Then from here we continued onto a new adventure to the Oiselle sample sale where it became a girl’s dream of running clothing, from shorts and tanks to sweatpants to long sleeves and bras… you get the point there was lots to pick from. I wish I would have taken a picture of the warehouse hanger site as it was so big. We got to the site about 30 minutes before the pre-sale opening in which we only had to wait maybe 10 minutes before the doors were opened early. As we walked in we were each handed a very large IKEA bag to fill with clothing. The room was filled with lots of women who pretty much knew what they were doing, you just walked up to the section of clothing whether it was shorts, or tanks or running tights and looked for your size on the sides of the boxes and you grabbed an item and placed it in your bag and continued to do this until you wanted to try on the items.

I was very impressed as everyone was so quiet and there was no chaos, the music was soft and on very low but not too low as not to enjoy it was just perfect. Anyways I am very pleased with my choice of clothing that I purchased there, I was able to get a few t-shirts for $10 and the most that I spent was $30 on a pair of Oiselle running tights (which I purchased two as I loved both colours).

Next stop the RNR Expo as normal traffic on a Friday afternoon is crazy getting into Seattle as normal we somehow never believe the GPS and miss the turn back onto a freeway to get us to towards Century Link near where the expo is being held, so we take a very long and scenic tour of Seattle making our way to the expo. This year the parking only cost us $10 which was a pretty good deal as in the past we are sure it was $20 to park for the expo, the parking spots like in many large parking facilities were rather small but it is what it is.

I really do love the RNR running expo’s as there is so much that they offer for a runner to pick up at a slightly cheaper price or shall I say at a price with a savings. I wanted to only look at a few items and make some small purchases as I pretty much didn’t require anything this year expo for some GU’s for the race, which I really didn’t even think about until I came across their booth. I ended up picking up a box of GU Roctane Chocolate Coconut. I really wanted to get a bigger Spibelt for my cell phone when out running as the current one I have is a tad of the smaller side. We stopped by the booth but none of the larger belt styles jumped out at me and said “buy-me” so I didn’t get one. I will check out their website and see if any styles jump out at me as a must buy now!! https://spibelt.com/

I think the biggest highlight of the expo was the financial booth that was giving away free cookies (we didn’t eat lunch so we/I was really hungry), so I had one… okay I went back and grabbed a second one but honestly I stopped at two chocolate chip cookies.

Hotel and dinner with friends was our Friday night tradition at the Cheesecake Factory with a very lovely couple Glenn and Soraya. It is always a lovely evening catching up with friends for dinner, it is crazy how all 6 of us live pretty close to each other but with our busy lives this annual dinner in Seattle is when we get to catch up and enjoy each other’s company for a few hours.

Race day is here and we had such an amazing time with our VIP experience last year that I really pushed for us to go again this year. With the race course changing this year the start and the finish were not at the same place near the Space Needle. The start was at the Space Needle and the Finish of the race as at/near Century Link Field. To start the signage directly us to the VIP wasn’t that helpful and it sent us towards the information tent and not to the VIP. We ended up having to ask a few people where it was located. Once we found the VIP area we went and got food for breakfast.

As it was a cold morning there were a few heaters available for us to keep us warm while we sat outside undercover to eat our breakfast. As this site was just for breakfast, there was no Gatorade provided and only small bottles of water, there was no morning mimosa like there was last year. I asked about the Gatorade and I was told that they only give it at the finish line (fair enough) know better for next time.

Not much more to say about the VIP section pre-race.

pace truck

Pace Vehicle is a Toyota!!  #OwnerApproved


Time to head to our corrals as most of us hadn’t trained for this race as life happens, one of the girls was in corral 6 so the three of us decided to all start together in the same corral together as we head towards the corral I decided that I wasn’t feeling it still and I felt starting in corral 6 would impede on the people in this corral to have me who clearly isn’t a corral 6 runner (ever)!! So I opted to head back to my corral 8 which also clearly wasn’t the right corral for me either with my lack of running and training for this half marathon, no way was I going to run a 1:59 (wishful thinking when I signed up). So I jumped in at corral 9 instead as I was waiting I sent my very dear friend Elizabeth a quick message seeing where she was as I hadn’t seen her this weekend and I didn’t think we would get the chance to say hello. As it happens the race started 15 minutes late and she was just walking towards the corrals so we had the opportunity to say hello and get to see each other briefly before the race started.

As Elizabeth and I head towards the start line in our corral we are stopped for a few minutes to allow the corral ahead of us get a head start as to space out the runners. The most amazing feeling happened as we stood there and looked down we were actually toeing the start line (WOW) and looking down the road, it really became very real at this time a feeling that I pretty much never had ever experience before and one that I am not able to describe, but for a few minutes or even shorter we were standing at the timing mat ready to run a race and it was like we were briefly elite.

Race time is happening now, as I crossed the timing mat and off we go and me still with no clue what I was going to run. I was so torn up on the inside with my lack of training and my very sore IT band that I wasn’t sure if I could run the full 21.1 KMS today. Off we went and I wished Elizabeth a very good race as she ran with a solid pace, I slowed down to a point where it was comfortable for me. Around the 3-4km mark my IT band and knee were getting sore, I was getting over heated and not feeling that good about running today. I took off my long sleeve shirt which helped with being hot and then was able to get into the running on a cooler side and enjoy the race despite my knee being sore in which the pain would come and go. As we approached the turn-about for the runners running the 8km race I was so tempted to just make the right turn and deal with it. Instead I saw a FB and twitter friend whom I follow and wanted to say hello to ahead of me, I just thought I could try to catch up and say hello and then turn back, that didn’t happen on both parts. I wasn’t able to catch up and I didn’t turn around and head towards the 8KM finish line.

As I tell my youngest son, what you put into something is what you get out of it so the harder you work for something in training the easier it will come either game day or race day, and most importantly never give up and enjoy the experience along the way!!

Finish time 2:35:15

RNR Seattle Medal

Race is done now onto the VIP tent to eat and enjoy a beer and some good food with friends. Up to the VIP section I head to meet up with my friends whom had finished earlier than me. My gear check bag was right at the entrance going up to the VIP section which was nice. I found my friends and dropped off my hydration pack and headed to go and get into some dry and warmer clothing. The VIP section of food was okay and I enjoyed the sandwich I eat. When I had gone up to grab a beer they were all out and expecting more within 5 minutes, at that point I opted out of having a beer as I knew that I would be driving in a few hours once we got back to Canada and for whatever reason alcohol just goes right to my head. The VIP area didn’t have outside heaters for us runners and it was a tad chilly sitting down while eating. I finally had a moment to check in on twitter and see what was happening with other friends I hadn’t seen and how they did, where I noticed a tweet from my friend Ross mentioning that they were going to meet near the VIP section, so off I went to find him and I was super excited to see a group of people so I just called out his name and hoping that he was in the group and would look up and guess what I was right, he was there and he spotted me. I went down and joined the group of runners, right away I noticed a runner whom has inspired me daily for the last few years since we started to follow each other on twitter and have somehow been at the same races but missed seeing each other due to timing. I said hello to Martin right away and give him a big hug. I also was able to finally meet a few more lovely twitter friends and get in some warm hugs!!

Reflecting back at the day with so many fond memories with friends from across the United States and Canada, I look back at the very brief moments we had together in which I will cherish till the next time our running paths cross at a race.

I am already thinking about signing up for RNR Seattle 2017 which will happen on June 17, 2017 and if you are thinking about signing up here is the link to register while the prices are reasonable. http://www.runrocknroll.com/seattle/2017presale/ as life is getting pretty busy with my friends with their families and life I am not sure if our same group of girls will make it down again, or if I will be heading down solo.

Besides the Alaska Cheer zone, I was really pleased with the Toyota Cheer Station and all the inspiring quotes!!

I think I will pass on the VIP and put the money towards a lovely lunch with friends after the race. I will always have amazing memories of my experience in VIP back in 2015, and I love seeing our pictures used as advertising of the fun times we did have in the VIP section.

Did you run RNR Seattle and if so how was your race? Will you come back again next year? Do you run more than 3 Rock n Roll running events in a year and if so do you know that they offer a tour package with offers savings depending on which tour package you buy. If you are interested in learning more, check out the following link and maybe you will be persuaded in running a few rock n roll races in 2017. http://www.runrocknroll.com/tourpass/ don’t forget that RNR offers some pretty amazing extra bling for running over 2 races in one year, the most RNR events I have run in one year is 4. http://www.runrocknroll.com/medals/


XO.. Jacki

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