About Me

Welcome to My Happy Pace, adventures of a road runner! My name is Jacki Amato, and I am a runner, a mother to 3 amazing boys and a wife to a very loving and understanding husband.

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I originally started this blog back in 2012 but didn’t write my first post Hello Me for 23 months, as I said in the post I have lots to say but I had no idea where to start. Even after that I still struggled with getting my ideas and thoughts down to paper and then on to my blog until recently when I came across a blogging 101 course and it really has given me the push and encouragement to get active with my blog. I was able to give my blog a little face lift and make it a happy place for me to come and share my stories.

I started running back in the spring of 2008 with a Learn to run 5km clinic with the Running Room. I ran my first fun 5km race ever in my life at the age of 41 and I haven’t looked back since. I have run 24 half marathons, 5 full marathons, seven 10km’s and a handful of 5km races, plus a duathlon in 2013. I have also raced in two 88km bike races. And my most recent was a relay race this past spring.

I consider myself to be an average runner with dream destination race goals just like the next runner out there, it might even be you. I have travelled to Chicago where I ran my 3rd marathon and I ran a perfect race 4:32:24. I have travelled to Las Vegas and “ran the strip at night”, and I have just recently went to Southern California and ran in my very first Ragnar Relay Race. And if I didn’t have so many more goals and dream races, I would be travelling and running as many Ragnar Races as I could.

My new journey is taking me to an Ultra Marathon in 2016, please follow me as I start training to be a stronger runner on this journey to a 50km race in October 2016 which just happens to be the year I turn 50. I wanted to do something big for my 50th birthday, and this is what makes me the happiest so why not, and you know that I will be running at “My Happy Pace”.




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