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Hiring a running coach!

Hiring a running coach! I have hired a running coach to help me reach my running dreams and goals over the next 14 months. After going back and forth with the idea I finally came to the conclusion that it was in my best interest to hire a professional to help me reach my dream goals and seeing I have a

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Sea Wheeze 2015

Sea Wheeze 2015 Race Report Lulu lemon sets its race weekend to be far from any normal race weekend that a runner may experience at any other race and this is how they do it… Firstly, you receive a pair of exclusive lulu lemon sea wheeze training shorts in the mail prior to training starting in May, each year the

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Identify Your Audience

My target audience… Is my blogging 101 course task that we are doing, who is my target audience? That really is a great question, one that I never thought about when I started or shall I say attempted to start this blog. I truly wonder how many people actually knew who their target audience was going to be when they

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